Music has often been a lifeline for me, especially when I can identify with the lyrics of particular . Not all of these are about per se, however, they resonate facets of the bipolar experience.

10. Chumbawamba – Tubthumpling lyrics (I get knocked down)

Bipolar disorder is a roller coaster. This song serves to remind us that we are fighters and we will survive and get through the . We truly only fail when we give up and stop fighting.

9. Nirvana – lithium

This song describes the Bipolar Battle perfectly. The structure of the song itself is reminiscent of Bipolar Disorder and its irrational thought patterns and short attention spans, jumping rapidly from image to image with little or no connection. It was written by Kurt Cobain, who unfortunately, lost his battle with Bipolar Disorder and killed himself April 5, 1994. Like many of us, he suffered far more depressive episodes than /hypomanic ones. The last several years of his life were spent self-medicating with hard , such as heroin and LSD. He also took lithium to treat his bipolar symptoms. Lithium is the most well known medication used to treat Bipolar Disorder. However, it carries its own horrors. It is relatively toxic and it is common to experience tremors, nausea, diarrhea, lethargy and dehydration. It can cause damage to kidneys and thyroid. It can also leave those who take it feeling tired, dull, empty and lost.

8. Godsmack – Whatever

Irritability, rage and social isolation are common symptoms of an episode, This song describes bipolar rage and isolation.

7. Matchbox 20 – Unwell

Bipolars still face a lot of stigma and discrimination. Many people automatically assume we are “crazy” and withdraw from us. We just need a little understanding.

6. Tonic – Tonic – Take Me as I am

After the bipolar diagnosis we are left trying to explain it to those we care about and we hope they can accept us as we are.

5. Placebo – Meds

Medications are often the cornerstone of bipolar disorder treatment. Many bipolars choose not to medicate as they do not wish to lose the manic highs. Or they will take the during depressive episodes but go off of them when they feel better.

4. Aerosmith – Amazing

This song describes the journey through and ideations.

3. Three Days Grace – Break

At one point or another all bipolars can identify with this song.

2. Good Charlotte – Good Charlotte – Hold On

Suicide is the leading cause of death for those with bipolar disorder. This song is a reminder that we can get through those terrible times and it also reminds us how killing ourselves would affect those we care about. This song has literally saved my life.

1. Manic by Plumb

The most well known aspect of bipolar disorder is the manic episodes; this song is from the viewpoint of someone who loves a bipolar who is in the throes of a manic episode..

Honorable Mention: Macy Gray – Relating to a Psychopath

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