10. She is a natural blond AND still has an IQ of 140.
9. She thinks PMS is for wimps.
8. There are times in the year were she STOPS talking.
7. She is the one in the Club dancing with glow sticks for hours without taking a break.
6. She takes drugs to have a normal state instead of freaking out.
5. One word – EXTREME
4. Always interesting.
2. Never any problem with money, because she will have spent it all.

And the Number One Sign You Know Your Girl Friend is Bipolar.
1. She is the most altruistic, sexually adventurous, interesting, moody, optimistic, smart, pessimistic, creative, caring, beautiful, sexy, hyper-sexual, loving person you will ever have the honor to meet.

This is the humorous version… click here for the serious version.