Peripartum-Postpartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM)

My first appointment with my cardiologist since the January 6th echo-cardiogram was Wednesday. My husband, Matt, went with me. He knew how worried I had been and he wanted to be there for emotional support. I also wanted him there so he could become acquainted with the cardiologist and hopefully gain some rapport in case he has to make medical decisions on my behalf at some point.

The doctor reiterated the diagnosis of PPCM. There is something different about hearing it face-to-face than over the phone. The doctor conveyed the rarity and severity of the diagnosis. He kept it real and didn’t give us any false hope, but he wasn’t all gloom and doom either.

He said the condition typically occurs in only 1000-3000 women in the United States annually and I am the first case he has seen in his long career. He’s a department director at the Oklahoma Heart Institute, so he’s not some young doctor who hasn’t seen much. He called my case unique, which reminded me of feeling like a medical sideshow as a child because the rarity of my Rheumatic Fever diagnosis. I was poked, prodded, and studied by dozens of doctors during my childhood. It sucked and I felt like a freak.



30 Minutes of Wonderful

I have caught flack from people over getting pregnant so soon after Lucas was born. He wasn’t even six months old when we got confirmation I was pregnant again, but my hubby had known since the minute it happened. He was thrilled. I had mixed emotions because I knew it would be a big challenge and that my body wasn’t fully recovered yet. The doctors had recommended I wait at least a year to get pregnant again, if at all.

Matt grossed1 $12 more a month that the state allowance for me to qualify for Medicaid, so I lost my health insurance when Lucas was a couple of months old. I’ve gone the majority of my life without health insurance so it wasn’t anything new, really. I get my psych meds from a patient assistance program so I rarely have to do without them. However, I was no longer able to monitor or treat my diabetes or other chronic medical issues because we couldn’t afford the doctors visits, prescriptions, or insurance premiums and deductibles.

The day we got documentation of this pregnancy, I reapplied and was approved for Soonercare2. I immediately began taking the Lovenox injections again to help prevent another miscarriage from a clotted up placenta. Since my diabetes had been untreated and my rheumatic heart disease had been unmonitored for four months, the specialists immediately ordered a ton of blood work, a 24-hour urine test, and an echocardiogram.


  1. not netted. If they went by his net income then it was $79 less that the cutoff level []
  2. Oklahoma Medicaid []

Lucas’ First Birthday

Today, is my son’s first birthday. I am filled with joy, awe, pride, and overwhelming love for him. I feel blessed everyday since his beautiful soul graced my life. He’s my miracle rainbow baby1 and he has made my life complete. Sheer joy and relief flooded my heart when I heard Lucas’ first cry after he was cut from my womb and I cried along with him.

The pregnancy had many complications, as did the birth, but Lucas was born extremely healthy and he’s absolutely beautiful. Finally having a successful pregnancy was definitely worth all the pills, exams, commutes, frequent doctor visits, and multiple-daily injections of Lantus, Humalog, and Lovenox.

  1. term used to describe a child born after a previous loss []

Formula for Baby Lucas


May 9, 2015 at 4:59pm

Faith in humanity has been restored. I just got a call and my wallet was recovered. IDK if it has the money left in it yet, but it does have some irreplaceable pictures and stuff. Maybe they will turn my WIC folder in too.

May 9, 2015 at 6pm

Most of the money was missing, but they didn’t find my emergency $20 and everything else was still in it. We had already canceled our cards and checks and I had already gotten a new copy of my driver’s license, but I’m still thankful someone turned the wallet in. I’m sentimental and some irreplaceable things were in it. I have since moved them to a safe place. My WIC folder has yet to be recovered, but I’m still hoping and praying it will be found.

May 11, 2015 at 7:51pm

It’s been a great day!!! Someone turned in my WIC folder this morning and my grandpa-in-law surprised me with a new engine and transmission for my car as a belated birthday and Mother’s Day gift! I’ve got a working car again!!! YAY!!!!!! *happy dance*

I deleted the gofundme page and canceled the donations, but thanks again for all your help! It’s heartening to know there are still so many caring people left in this world. 



Clearing the Air

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